Recommended Links (Small)

This page contains links to other recommended sites and blogs. Check back often – this list is being updated regularly.

All Things Vintage Mac:
System Folder – The Platinum Days (exceptionally well written, wide ranging and eclectic)
The Essential Mac – Covers a wide range of Mac OS topics – great for Mac OS newcomers
r/VintageApple – A Reddit blog devoted to all things vintage Apple
ThinkClassic – An active set of forums dedicated to classic Apple computers
Resto – Bytes, Wonderfully detailed blog about restoring vintage Macs

68K Specific:
68K Macintosh Liberation Army (forums)
Essential 68K Software
Preterhuman 68K Macintosh Software Collection

PPC Specific:
PPC Luddite
Viva PowerPC – Check out the “World” PPC news aggregator page – GREAT resource
The PowerPC Archive
Power of PowerPC
PowerPC Liberation

Software Archives:
HappyMacs Vintage Mac Software Archive (Gopherspace – Get Gopher for Firefox first)
Macintosh Garden
The Macintosh Orchard – Essential Internet Applications for Macintosh Users Since 1995
Info-Mac Archive
UMich Mac Archive
Macintosh Repository
MacGUI Vault
Free Open Source Software Mac User Group (FreeSMUG) Mac Software Repository (Gopherspace – Get Gopher for Firefox first)
Frisky’s Archive of Free Macintosh Software – many dead links these days, but still useful

Macintosh System 6:
Gamba’s System 6 Page (System 6 Vault)
The Joy of Six – Low End Mac’s System 6 Page
Macintosh II Page, Low End Mac – LOTS of useful System 6 Links Here
MacFixer Software Repository
The Gryphel Project – Dedicated to Preserving Early Macintosh Software
Knubbel System 6 Page – In German, but most links are in English
ATPM Page On LocalTalk Networking with System 6
Vintage Mac Driver Museum
System 6 Heaven – See the Main Download Area – This venerable site is no longer available
System 6 Games and Apps (System 6 Hell)

Other Macintosh Operating Systems:
System 7 Today
Mac OS 9 Lives
Tiger OS X (no longer active, but good content)

Model/Machine Specific:
G5 Center – a great site dedicated to all things G5

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