Macintosh Repository – A Great “New” Mac OS Archive

I love serendipity. Today I was searching for a copy of Power Windows, a great Mac OS system control panel that provides a number of goodies such as full window dragging, translucent menus and more. Much to my surprise, the first entry that showed up in my Google search results was a file in a new (to me anyway) site called “Macintosh Repository” ( In all of my travels through Mac Classic space, I have never encountered this site before.


A quick check around the site made it clear that this is a serious repository of Mac OS abandonware, one with an enormous collection of software titles, many of which I have never seen before anywhere else. I have added this site to the Recommended Links list here at Happy Macs, and would encourage you to surf on over to the Macintosh Repository and have a look if you are on the hunt for a particular piece of software you are having difficulty locating.

I did NOT find Apple’s Firewire 2.0, something for which the search continues, but I am still delighted to have stumbled upon the Macintosh Repository. This will not be the last time I visit. As for Firewire 2.0, I suspect that it will be found on one of the many Mac OS install disks I have – it will turn up sooner or later.

A final note – Power Windows IS a great addition to any Mac OS installation with sufficient CPU horsepower to drive the effects, and will be the topic of an upcoming post. Until then, happy hunting at the Macintosh Repository!

5 thoughts on “Macintosh Repository – A Great “New” Mac OS Archive

  1. I love MR. Between them, the garden, and a handful of Hotline servers, we might be able to successfully preserve this era. There are even others like max1zzz (who regularly posts on the garden) who has an extensive public access server. Have you ever thought of looking into the network of Hotline servers?

  2. Thanks for sharing this! 🙂 Since this was posted, MR is now fully SSL compliant, it has reached +1500 active members and served over 20000GB (yes, 20 terabytes or more than 130000 old Mac files)… Is that incredible or what? There’s still unexpected demand for retro Macintosh software. Some people are curious and others nostalgic. Please come join the chat and we’ll definitely find your firewire 2.0 driver. I can almost guarantee you it’s somewhere and we still have several HUNDREDS of files not uploaded on the site, that we yet have to sort and document. We’ll find your driver for sure… unless you find it first: in that case please upload it on MR! 😉

  3. It appears their registration forums are down as it keeps saying “Username already taken” when I know it’s not..

    • Uhm, no, it works fine… well, you know, given that you do not use a temporary email address as per written in the registration rules right above that username text field 😉 Registration rules, READ THEM 🙂

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