A Great Mac OS Image Viewer: BigPicture 4.2

An earlier post in this blog delved into my search for a great multi image viewing program for Mac OS Classic. In Six Great Image Viewers for Mac OS Classic, I described my search for programs of this nature and concluded by reviewing several offerings that in one way or another met the need.

This post adds one more viewer, BigPicture, to the list, and it may perhaps be my new favorite.

BigPicture Splash Screen

Yesterday I was poking around the Info-Mac archive (now added to my Recommended page) and discovered a variety of “new” image viewers that I had not previously been aware of. I downloaded several of them and tried them out last evening.

I quickly discarded all but two, and then equally quickly zeroed in one of the remaining two, BigPicture 4.2. Fans of “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” will of course know that “42” is a very special number indeed, and so BigPicture’s file name of “bigpicture42.hqx” intrigued me immediately. However, it was the straightforward, no nonsense user interface, coupled with the ability to start BigPicture anywhere in a folder full of images and then navigate to the next image, and then the next, and so on, that really got my attention.

BigPicture does it all, and does it smoothly and easily. It augments the critical (for me) image browsing capability with a number of great extras. A real favorite of mine is that it seems to cache the images it has already decoded, and so if you navigate back to an image you have viewed earlier in your session, that image displays almost immediately, with virtually no decode wait time at all. This is a real bonus! In addition to this however, BigPicture also includes some basic image editing capabilities, such as image rotation, flipping and mirroring and of course can zoom in and out as desired. Finally, when zoomed in, BigPicture allows you simply click and drag the displayed image to move it around, which is very simple and very intuitive.

BigPicture 4.2 is a 1999 offering from independent software author John Montbriand, then of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. It describes itself as $20 shareware, but it appears that the contact information provided is no longer valid. I clicked the included web page link but landed instead on a “this domain for sale” sort of page. Clearly time (and John!) have moved on. Anyway, John, wherever you are today, this is a big shout out for you. Job Well Done!

You can download a copy of BigPicture 4.2 from Info-Mac at BigPicture42.hqx.

2 thoughts on “A Great Mac OS Image Viewer: BigPicture 4.2

    • Hi, thanks for the feedback. I did try a version of Goldberg some time ago, and dismissed it at the time, but I can’t say whether it was Goldberg 2 or not. I just downloaded Goldberg 2.5 from your Gopher site and will give it a whirl. I’ll let you know what I think!

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