A Quick Piece on QuickFans

G5 QuickFans Cover Image

Somewhere in the last few weeks, I stumbled upon a piece of software that is so incredibly useful that I thought I would write a quick piece about it to let everyone know. The software in question is called QuickFans, and it does one straightforward job very well – it adds two items to your G5’s menu bar that show you the temperature of the hottest CPU in your system, and the speed of the fastest fan. QuickFans may work on G4s as well – I have not been able to test this out yet.

I know that I found a reference to this application in someone’s blog, somewhere out there in the blogosphere, but I have been unable to track the reference back down again. Regrettably therefore, I cannot cite the author and give them proper credit. My apologies in advance if you are the author in question. If you drop me a comment on this post, I will update it to give you some well deserved credit.

When I first tried out QuickFans, I thought that it would be only marginally interesting, but being an engineer by trade, I have to admit that I was curious about CPU temperatures and fan speeds, and so I installed it on my G5 Quad anyway, just to have a look. I quickly found that I was checking my CPU temperature and fan speed all the time. This was every bit as useful (to me) as the CPU load meters presented by MenuMeters, which I also have loaded on my G5. Perhaps you will find it equally valuable.

Here is what it looks like in action (you can see MenuMeters to the far right of it).


Lest anyone wonder how I manage to keep a G5 running at only 39 C, wonder no longer. I had just “woken” my G5 from a Sleep state when I took the above screen shot, and this accounts for the very low CPU temperature.

QuickFans has an appropriately specific application icon. Here is a screen shot of QuickFans in my Application folder. I added an alias to the application to my Startup items and QuickFans now starts with each restart/boot of my G5.

QuickFans in Applications

You can download QuickFans from its host site at http://www.floodgap.com/software/quickfans/.

Many thanks to the good people at Floodgap for making this valuable piece of software available to us all.

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