A Refreshed Look for “Quadras, Cubes and G5s”

You probably did a bit of a double take when you landed on the “Quadras, Cubes and G5s” blog today. Whoa! What has happened? Has the blog moved? What is this new page?

No worries, the blog has not moved, nor has the blog’s address been taken over by nefarious interlopers from another planet. I just decided, after two years or so of the original template, that it was time to refresh the look and feel of “Quadras, Cubes and G5s”. After much trial and error, I have settled on the new look that the site now sports. I find the colors a little more soothing and I really enjoy the new header image, which neatly ties together the “Happy Macs” based URL and the specific Mac models named in the blog’s title.

Don’t worry – there are no other seismic changes planned here at the Happy Macs lab. The same style and substance will carry on… which may be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on your point of view(!) … and the same varying range of vintage Mac topics will continue to form the core of the blog’s content.

I hope that you are enjoying the blog and I thank you for visiting today!

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