New Addition: Multiscan 720 17″ Display

New Addition: Multiscan 720 17

It has been a bit quiet here at the blog of late. Its not that there hasn’t been a lot going on, just that none of it has been particularly “blog worthy”. Today, something that perhaps is. I was able to find an Apple Multiple Scan 720 17″ display (model M4552) on eBay, bid on it, and won it. These are very rare beasts indeed these days – I have only ever seen three of them on eBay and I bid on, and won, all three. The first one was part of the Power Mac 7100 I acquired a few years ago, the second was packed very, very poorly, and was DOA, and the third I just recently took delivery of and is the subject of this post.

I communicated with the seller ahead of shipping, telling him my DOA tale of woe, and asked that he take extra special care with the packing of this latest acquisition. He did, and the monitor arrived safe and sound, and in perfect working order. The photo above shows it connected to the Power Mac 7100 I mentioned above and working like a charm.

I had hoped to connect it to my Quadra 840AV, but it does not seem to be compatible.
After scouring the web for an hour or so, I cannot unearth a User Manual or a Service Manual for the monitor, and so I cannot definitively say that it is not compatible with the Quadra 840AV, but since it works flawlessly with the 7100, and not at all with the 840AV, I think a lack of compatibility is a safe conclusion! The fact that the 720 monitor was released AFTER the Quadra 840AV is also a hint I think.

All is not lost however. I have a NuBus video card that I picked up some time back. I think my next project will be to install that into the 840AV and see if it is capable of driving the big 17 incher. In the meantime, the new 720 monitor is clearer and sharper than the older one, so I have replaced the older one with the newer one on the 7100. So, even if I can’t get it going with the 840AV, there is still benefit.

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