Everything Old is New Again

Everything Old is New Again

A quick update today, as promised in my last post, on my efforts to upgrade my venerable 2007 Core2Duo 2.2 GHz MacBook Pro from the OS X Leopard it arrived with to the shiny new OS X Mavericks. This is a rare (for this blog) post about Intel-based Macs.


I am happy to report that the upgrade went very smoothly, albeit in two steps. You can’t get directly from Leopard to Mavericks, since the Mavericks installer requires at least Snow Leopard as a minimum. So, I upgraded from Leopard to Snow Leopard (some years back, I had bought the Snow Leopard Family Pack and still had two free Snow Leopard licenses) and then from Snow Leopard to Mavericks.

Both upgrades went through without a single problem, taking about an hour each, and the machine booted flawlessly into Mavericks afterwards. It was a classic Apple experience. Everything just worked. It is nice to see that in this post Steve world, Apple can still deliver an outstanding user experience on Mac computers, even as it stutters badly on iOS and iPhones (IMHO).

Almost without exception, all of the applications I had installed on Leopard came along for the ride and work as before in the new Mavericks environment. One or two very old programs (for example, Flip4Mac) were deemed to be “incompatible” and were not migrated, but these were the exception, not the rule.


My first impressions are very good. I actually gained disk space in the upgrade – the Mavericks installation is smaller by about 10 GB than the Leopard install I was running before! That’s a nice and unexpected bonus. The machine FEELS faster and smoother under Mavericks than it did under Leopard, and this is despite the paltry 4GB of RAM installed on the machine. Subjectively, what really stood out right away was how smoothly and fluidly dock icons expand and contract when the mouse is run across the dock. Under Leopard, this was always a fairly jerky affair. Under Mavericks, it is as “smooth as butter”.

It has all turned out very well I think. My aging MacBook Pro is once more a fully current machine, and will now likely meet my laptop computing needs for many, many more years to come. Thanks Apple, for extending Mavericks all the way back to 2007 vintage machines.

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