Fun with Windows 3.1 Revisited

Fun with Windows 3.1 Revisited

Just a quick update on the “Fun with Windows 3.1 (on a 68K Mac!)” post below. It turns out that I picked up this program from the excellent Macintosh Garden site, not the UMich site as I reported in the original post. The picture above is a screen shot of the Macintosh Garden page for this little bit of (enjoyable) silliness.

Remember then, if you are interested in picking up a copy of “Windows 3.1”, head on over to the Macintosh Garden, not UMich as originally reported.

3 thoughts on “Fun with Windows 3.1 Revisited

  1. I love how Win 3.1 is listed as a game. I’ve got it on my Debian machine and it runs happily in DOSBox too. It’s time I fired my old Mac up and got it running on there because why not. Bootcamp is for babies!

    • Oh oops – reading comprehension is sub par today. You’re talking about a parody! Of course Windows was always a bit of a parody but that’s veering into religious territory 😉

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