Adventures with Nu Technology

Adventures with Nu Technology

Well, it is official. After much poking, prodding and testing, I am sad to say that something about the motherboard audio circuitry on my Quadra 840AV is irretrievably broken. Do I drop the “A”, rename it to “Quadra 840V” and move on? 🙂

Perhaps someday, but not yet. Never one to accept defeat easily, I began looking for a sound card for the Quadra 840AV – after all, it has several Nubus expansion slots available. In short order, I have found a DigiDesign AudioMedia II card on eBay, and the drivers for it from the DigiDesign support archive ( Kudos to DigiDesign for keeping this venerable software available after all this time.

So, I have a Nubus sound card on order, and the software needed to drive it (hopefully, anyway). When the card arrives, I will make my first attempt at expanding a Quadra via its Nubus expansion slots. I am sure it will be eventful. Hopefully, it will result in glorious sound emanating from the Quadra 840AV once more. I’ll keep you posted!

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